Review: Seven Kitchens, Palladium Hotel

Before I start my review, and since I’m beginning to actively blog again, a little note for all my reviews moving forward and what you can expect!

Note: I’m going to be giving a “Health Foodie Nut” pick for each restaurant I review. It is to let you know the healthier option on the menu, without giving up on the taste. Look out for it near the end of my reviews.

Overall: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Value for Money: 3/5

This one was on my to-try list for a long long time. Seven Kitchens wasn’t really a brunch menu, it was more like lunch. Although the lack of eggs, bacon and pancakes was disappointing the great quality of food and chocolate fountain made up for it.

So when my girls and I needed to catch up and we were choosing a place for lunch, we decided to go with Seven Kitchens in the Palladium Hotel in Lower Parel.

Huge space, tons of tables but they still had an awkwardly placed table set out for us. It reminds you of a typical hotel buffet and the choice can definitely get overwhelming. But if you’ve gone in with a set appetite in mind and a general sense of what you’d like to eat, I think you can emerge victorious.

You have a cheese section, veg and non-veg salad options, sushi platters, dim sums, some hearty meat plates, a “make your own soup” station with your choice of veggies and broth, wood oven pizza and some good ole Indian khaana (food). My picks for the day were Asian centric. So think dim sums, clear broth soup and sushi. We ended with the grand chocolate fountain which was okay, nothing great. I wanted some other fruit dipping options to be honest. But it was a real dessert spread for anyone who is a fan!

cheese      meat

General verdict: pizzas, guacamole, soup, sushi and dim sums all emerged as winners. The service was lovely, very gracious with the servers and the managers constantly asking us if we needed anything else (without being overbearing or annoying). The check was a little steep, but when you go to a hotel you have to assume a larger check. Come here for an occasion or a special meal and you won’t be disappointed. They also have a pre-fix buffet option with alcohol which could be great for an intimate birthday celebration!

And now here is what is going to set my reviews apart from the rest of reviewing as you know it…

Health Foodie Nut Picks: Go for the vegetable soup in clear broth – delicious and really healthy (always choose clear broth soups when you dine out). Sushi (without cream cheese and limit this to 6 pieces), sashimi (supremely healthy if you’re okay with raw fish), mince chicken salad or anything without a mayo dressing. The more raw it is the better in salads. The hidden mayo laden dressings are a bane. For dessert, opt for fruit with a dip of the chocolate fountain.

soupchoc fountain

Keep watching this space for more reviews around the city and in my travel section!

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